Campingcard Q&A

Do I need to book space for the camping sites?

No, in Iceland you don‘t have to book a space. It is enough to simply arrive and set up camp, or register first if this is required.

What if the camping site is fully booked?

This rarely happens, but mostly if the weather is very bad in other places around the country and campers flock towards the good weather. If you feel this might be the case, we recommend calling ahead. The telephone numbers are in our pamphlet and on the website.

What is this Overnight Tax?

It is an official tax, installed by the government for all overnight stays in Iceland in 2010.

We ‘re two adults with four kids – can we use 2 tents?

No, unfortunately the card is only valid for one unit.

Will I have to bring my own tent, or can they be rented on site?

The camping sites do not offer rental tents, you will have to arrange for this yourself.

How much does it cost for an individual to spend one night in an Icelandic camp site?

It costs from 1.000 – 2.000 ISK per person.

We are three adults, and we‘ll only be staying 10 days. Can we use the card for the three of us, but cash in two nights per night in each location?

No, the card doesn‘t work like that. Each card can only be used for max. two adults, you will therefore need to buy two cards.

We are a family of five, with two kids under 16 but one 18-year-old, can we use one Campingcard?

No, you would need two cards. But you could also buy one card and simply pay specifically for the 18-year-old at each camping site.

I‘ll be arriving late at night, will I be able to get into the camping area?

Yes, but you will have to keep the noise at a minimum so as not to disturb other guests.

Can I use the Campingcard during the winter?

No, the Campingcard is valid from 1 or 15 May – 15 September each year.

Will there be additional cost when staying?

Yes, everyone needs to pay an Overnight Tax per night. This year it is 333 ISK per tent/campervan, whether you have the Campingcard or not. I you wish to use additional services the camping sites have to offer, such as access to electricity, showers, or washing machines, you will have to pay for those additionally.

Does the campingcard also cover campervans/campers?

Yes, each card is valid for one overnight stay.

For how many people are they valid?

The Campingcard is valid for two adults and four children under the age of 16 in one tent/camper