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Thanks for purchasing the Campingcard. We wish you a pleasant trip.  The card is on its way to your selected address.

Special offer for a Campingcard & GO Camper combo 

We can now offer a special offer to those who purchase a Campingcard along with booking a Go Campers Camper or KU KU Camper through our website. The special offer gives you a 20% discount on the Campingcard and a 5% discount on the Camper‘s rental rate.  The 5% discount is only for Go Campers.

Please note that to receive this offer you will first need to purchase the Campingcard on our web page and then proceed with booking your car. After we get a confirmation from Go Campers, you will receive a 20% refund of the Campingcard!


Have a great trip to Iceland.

The Campingcard team.